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My dad spent 2 weeks there. I’m not exaggerating when I say he’s the worst patient ever. Well, he not only managed 2 weeks there, he actually liked it. He told me the people were nice and he was satisfied with his stay. He even wants me to buy food for the staff when he leaves to thank them. It’s actually a miracle.

-Debra Flores

I have been at Complete Care at Inglemoor for my rehabilitation services for the second time and I find that their services are more than wonderful and excellent as before. From my heart, I thank you for your valued services.

-Barbara Tayler

Very happy with my experience at Complete Care at Inglemoor. The staff is very good and the care is excellent.

-Walter Coleman

Sometimes the best things happen in life by sheer accident. My dear elderly friend, Lino Virdo, became a patient at Complete Care at Inglemoor three weeks ago after an emergency surgery at Englewood Hospital. The hospital saved his life, but Inglemoor has saved his spirit, by showing such compassion and attentiveness. The staff of RNs, LPNs and CNAs are exceptional. I found the director very pleasant and approachable. I was in the main room at the time and I saw her approaching the patients with such concern and kindness. Her demeanor resonates throughout the facility and is shown by the care of the nurses. This place was certainly an answer to my prayers. I consider myself a discerning critic of healthcare facilities. This facility is by far an exceptional place whether one needs respite care or rehab. Thank you to everyone at this place for making it an ideal environment for healing!

-Rebecca Jenkins

My mother is 91. She has stayed at this facility 5 years ago, 2 years ago and currently. All three times were due to falls that broke both hips (at different times) or leg fractures In all 3 cases, she was there because after surgery she had to learn to walk, first to sit, then to be taken downstairs for physical therapy. Slowly over the course of about a month, she was able to be released as she could at least walk with a walker. The staff are caring, attentive, and well trained in physical therapy and or nursing. The area around the center is pretty tree-lined streets as well. So all in all, with someone like my mother who is motivated and wants to return to normal life, this place is paramount in helping her achieve this.

-Allen Watson

Caring Relationships Resonate!

The close relationships forged between staff and family at Complete Care at Inglemoor are authentic. That’s why so many of the individuals who have gotten better under our care keep up with us. Many share their family milestones, send us photos of their loved ones, call our staff members on their birthdays—or just send us their best holiday wishes.


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